You will be in touch with a single delegated person, who will manage all you requests throughout the entire process, it will remain as personal assistant and consultant devoted to you. The delegate will deal all aspects of your requests and has the authority to take decisions in Etikair without intervention of other executives.


This is important for you because a single reference means quick decisions, quick answers, no interferences, solutions proposed by an experienced professional . But above all these values you will be realizing that you are establishing a relationship with a competent executive based on a great spirit of service , interpersonal respect and credibility.


The executives offices are located next to the production lines, therefore any variation or emergent novelty in the production can be monitored and regulated in accordance with your demands and requests directly, if necessary from the actual production site.


You cannot appreciate in full all the benefits of Etikair without establishing that relationship of ongoing contacts, conversations, updates . A relationship which is marked by reputation, respect and trust. We feel appropriate to describe it as a friendship with no conflict of interests.


The delegate wil also help you in monitoring your consumption and help you assemble minimum cost future orders or just ensure that you don’t run into emergency lack of stock. This last task we achieve not for our gain, but in the perspective to help you economize orders.

We will propose the best materials and guarantee that no variations on the supplies will be made without your awareness and approval..


The delegate is devoted not only in assisting you in the supplying process more on a relationship aimed in a constant effort to help you decrease costs, suggesting solutions, proposing ideas and products so that you are uptodate with the latest innovations. Etikair is always involved in an ongoing process of price and materials search in order to come up to you with new proposal of cost saving solutions.


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