In order to allow such freedom of decision delegated operators must have access to a Planning and Production software, which manages the inside activities. This can also be made available online so that you, client, can use it as a reference to discuss priorities or changes with your Etikair assistant. Of course this facility can satisfy many purposes like summon your activities or cross checking data about your passengers’ traffic with the figures about consumables (tags and/or passes) at a quick glance.


BK2ME is an international free service for tracking and recollection of airport baggages and lost proprieties around the world. This service is developed and designed by Etikair to exploit the maximum potential from the interaction of airport opertors and consumers.

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This service is under construction.


Situation Awareness is a scientific discipline of the aero industry which aims at providing pilots with information of the status of the plane, the flight, and its surroundings.

Inspired by this concept we built a reserved area for our clients called SOCOTRA so that they are kept informed and updated about the status of their order history, the status of open and future orders.

This service is not a substitute to the other conventional forms of interaction (phone, surface mail, email, text message etc.) but a complementary platform, a ground through which the client can conveniently assess the situation, evaluate it and take decision according to his/her needs.

The advantages are

  • All information about your relationship with Etikair at a glance
  • 24/7 fresh data available
  • Data and information refreshed in 15’ 24 h
  • Information is fresh and reliable besides office hours
  • Resume information about the status of your open order
  • Full Order History
  • Full forecasting
  • Warehousing and Stock evaluation
  • Delivery Transit and delivery monitoring
  • Reduced Misunderstandings
  • Area Messaging
  • Interactive area


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