Etika is an ideal partner to promote advertising projects for your boarding cards and baggage tags, this is due to three main factors.

Outstanding, innovative, combination of printing capabilities, making possible the most sophisticated results, from normal picture rendering to metallic and holographic effects to scratch-off prize, and variable coding.

Extreme flexibility of quantity and delivery programming making possible a fractioned programming of advertising with smaller lots, which are easier to sell and place to advertisers.

The possibility of Eikair to find potentials sponsors for your boarding pass and baggage tags.


We produce passes and tags with special effects (SFX) that enhance the visibility and that no other company is able to produce. If you want to promote a VIP service, or special class, or would like to have an high impact message on tags or passes Etikair has the right answer for you even for small quantities. This technical skills include the creation of award prizes with variable printing and Scratch Off overlaying. Please enquire with us.


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